Minimizing Cost & Maximizing Quality

High Pressure Die Casting rapidly produces parts to near net dimensions making it an inherently efficient process.  Top die casters – like Blue Ridge – work with clients to engineer parts, design tools and develop processes to take this efficiency to new levels.   We understand that our customers – often OEMs – must deliver product cost effectively in a globally competitive world.  We provide the value in our parts and services to contribute to their profitability.

Our cost effectiveness starts during the design process when we work with our customers to ensure that they take full advantage of the design freedom provided by aluminum pressure casting to:

  • Incorporate features – reducing part counts, reducing weight and improving quality.


    • Class-A body panels which incorporate attachment bosses and hanging brackets thus reducing part counts and assembly time
    • Door closers incoporated integral cores, near net bore and locating features.
    • Electronics covers including all heat fins, precision bores for connector mounts, mounting bosses and mounting brackets.  Surface quality is paint ready.
  • Reduce machining requirements – the highly precise results achievable from well designed components, tools and processes produces a dimensional accuracy that often eliminates some or all machining needed on a part. 


    • Optically flat mirror surfaces ready for reflective coating with no machining
    • Precision cores incorporated in hydraulic and cooling valve bodies thus eliminating machining
    • Stators which incorporate all fin details and require no machining and no assembly
  • Surface quality – we are able to deliver automotive class-A surfaces right out of the mold providing great design flexibility, functionality and strength at costs significantly below alternative materials such as plastics, fiberglass and sheet-metal.


    • Optically flat mirror surfaces ready for reflective coating with no machining
    • Mack chromed grill with thin walls, precise fits and incorporated mounting bosses
    • Cummins chromed aluminum valve cover – a key element of an engine dress-up package.
  • Optimizing design for cost and weight
    • Revised door closer design to retain strength and function while reducing material used – saving both cost and weight

Even the best design requires disciplined and efficient production in order to meet quality and delivery while achieving world class cost levels.  Blue Ridge has invested in top production equipment to deliver globally competitive production costs and efficiency.

  • Efficient production – Our highly automated production processes produce top quality parts at globally competitive cost levels.  We coordinate process flow from our casting to machining and assembly facilities to ensure optimal inventory flow and that we meet delivery requirements.

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