Precision Features & Complex Shapes

Often we provide the greatest value to our clients during the design phase when we can work with them to find opportunities for integrating complex features directly into the part.  Our team will improve both the quality and functionality of a client’s component whether working with automotive parts meeting durability standards or medical devices needing radio frequency shielding.  With our knowledge of tool development, we can show which elements can be incorporated directly into your component using our tool design expertise.
Some examples of integrated features:

  • Attachment and spacer bosses
  • Integrating and reinforcing attachment brackets
  • Strengthening ribs
  • Cooling fins
  • Registration pins and holes

With well designed tools, we can integrate precisely located bores in components eliminating some or all machining.
The strength of aluminum allows us to create complex surface features with thin walls.

The best investment casting technology still yields parts which, for certain applications, require machining work to complete the part.  Our engineers and designers work with clients to design in registration features and proper access to guarantee top quality machined parts.

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