Structural Design

Aluminum processes wonderful strength to weight characteristics which make it an ideal material for components requiring both light weight and great strength.  In addition, the die casting process allows economical production of very complex shapes combined with class-A surfaces. 

Our experts advise clients on how to gain the maximum value from die cast aluminum.  Aluminum pressure casting requires high temperatures and tremendous pressures.  As a result, these parts have distinct material properties which must be considered when designing components.  We show clients how to take advantage of these properties while avoiding quality and performance pitfalls.

We help by selecting the optimum alloy for the application, developing world class tools and integrating machining where it provides the best value.  Our experts maintain leading edge knowledge of these technologies through research and experience. 
Our experts have delivered structural integrity on a wide range of parts in high load environments including:

  • Transmission stators
  • Moving walkway tread platforms
  • Clutch Pistons

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